Saturday, August 16, 2008


Here's the benefit to being in a large city (well, large for Armenia at somewhere around 120,000): I get to update my blog far more often.

As I promised, I've finally edited and uploaded pictures. The pictures are necessarily small because the internet connections in this country, outside of Yerevan, are terrible; they're akin to perhaps a 28.8 kbs connection most of the time. It's better when there aren't a lot of people in the internet cafe, but unfortunately there are always people here. C'est la vie.

All of today's pictures are going to be of my PST village, with an emphasis on my host family's house. A friend wanted me to post pictures of the garden, so those will be the first.

This has been my bathroom for the last two and a half months. I know, you're seething with jealousy.

Here's a picture of my house from the outside.

This was my room. Small (though bigger than my current room in my permanent site), but I loved it; it was rather comfortable.

This was my absolute favorite place in all of my village. My host mom had set up a little glass table and stools where she liked to read and write. It became my study, reading, and writing area, and my sanctuary when I just needed someplace to sit. It was always the perfect temperature, and it was nice and quiet; and, as a bonus, it was right beneath the cherry trees so once they were ripe I could just reach out and have a tasty treat.

This is a picture of the area at sunset. It looked like this at least three days out of the week. There was little better than going for a run through the wheat fields as the sun was setting and enjoying the view.

That's all for now. Expect more pictures soon.


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crusha09 said...

Now we need a picture of you kicking a Persian into that big hole.

Razzy (Michele) said...

Just a comment on a comment. Why does crusha09 hate Persians? :(

tdmiracle said...

Wow Thanks for the pictures Its a beautiful place Thank you so much for sharing it with use CRUSHA09 Not all Persians are terrroist Theres trash in every bodys back yard regardless the race Its that kind of thinking that keeps hate and biggatry alive and well Was it not enough that in the land of the free and equal we massacerd the indian inslaved blacks and deniend women the righgt to vote and own property and still denie equal rights to gays today Just a thought Maybe you should consider a corse in anger managment

tdmiracle said...

Jhon I owe you an apology Im very sorry When I read what crusha09 wrote I couldnt let it go I let his ignorance get to me and turned your blog into a rights issue and that wasnt right This is your blog not mine I promise I want comment to any of your friends and blogers in the future even if he response to it Itll kill me to hold my tongue lol but i will Please except my apologies Tim in Tn.